Percussions (Tapping and Vibrations)

As with other processes we use, percussions to increase vasodilation, capillarisation, and blood flow to the muscles.  In addition, percussions increase tissue elasticity. With increased temperature in the muscles, percussions increases the movement between muscle tissues. Muscle fibers can become tightly stuck together which can limit flexibility. Percussions apply pressure to the fibers which loosen and relax them. The more relaxed the muscle fibers become, the more flexibility and movement you can experience.

Tapping is beneficial to help increase muscle tone.  Tone in a muscle can be changed due to many circumstances. High tone in a muscle is needed for people who are participating in exercise. High tone is where the muscle is in a state of readiness and therefore able to perform. Tappings increase tone by stimulating the nerve ending of a muscle. The stimulation of nerves helps to contract a muscle. Similarly, percussions can also be beneficial to improve sensation. Percussion is a stimulating technique that can increase the function of nerves in the tissues. Percussions can revitalize sensations and improve the feeling around specific areas.

Vibration at various frequencies are an effective process to produce a feeling of relaxation. The benefits of vibration massage techniques are relieved tight muscles, reduced stresss, and improved circulation.

Vibrations are a massage technique in which tissues are rapidly pressed and released in an up and down movement. A vibration massage creates a vibrating and shaking motion onto the muscles that can be performed in a soothing or stimulating way. Lighter vibration techniques can help stimulate the parasympathetic system and help the muscles relax. An increasing speed of vibrations can be used to stimulate the circulatory system and loosen soft tissues.

Vibrations are an effective massage technique used pre event to promote stimulation. The aim of pre event massage is to increase blood circulation, flexibility and mentally prepare people for activity and enhance performance. Specific massage techniques such as vibrations are used to create a short but specific massage treatment. Vibrations can loosen the muscles at a vast pace in preparation for activity and help performance.

Vibrations can be performed before exercise to help prepare an athlete mentally for performance. Vibrations can also support the body to relax so that stress is alleviated.

Vibration technique is an effective massage technique to improve circulation in the muscles.


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