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1. Do you take insurance?

Answer: Yes. If you have insurance with a company for which we are not currently on their panel, we will work with them to assure your coverage.

3. Are your services provided by a licensed psychologist?

Answer: In terms of psychotherapy services… Yes. Dr. Alan Thomalla’s Wyoming license number is 616. Other administrative or client support services may be provided by other staff members who are not licensed as such certification is not required. Rest assured all services at ABC Resources are professional and state of the art.

5. What are the benefits of psychotherapy?

Answer: Many people find therapy to be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, and the hassles of daily life. Specifically, psychotherapy can help you or your loved one find new ways to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, or other conditions.

2. Does insurance cover all services that you provide?

Answer: Most, but not all. For example we provide training workshops and most insurances do not cover these. On the other hand, we will work with you on payment options if you want to participate in such a service. We will always inform you of costs and coverage before you would unknowingly incur a charge. .

4. How long do sessions last?

Answer: Intake sessions typically last a full hour. This is when goals are set and a treatment plan is established. Subsequent on-going sessions are typically 45 minutes long and are usually scheduled once a week at a regular time. The length of therapy depends on your particular circumstances or problems and on the goals that we set. .

6. Are services Confidential?

Answer: Yes! Psychologists are bound by law and professional ethics to keep information confidential. The only exceptions include if an individual makes credible threats to harm themselves or another person, discloses child abuse, the abuse of an elder or dependent adult, the psychologist is required to report this information to appropriate authorities.


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